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PostSubject: Update(2010-05-14)   Fri May 14, 2010 6:00 pm

*Reshanta quests.
*Corrected displaying of HP,MP HealOverTime.
*Hotfix for servants (includes fix for infinite attack and duel kill)
*Corrected skills "Boost Element Defense" and "Sniper Stance"
*Corrected poeta spawn data.
*Fix for ap calculation
*Fixed All training Dummy State
*Fix for Miraju's holy ground fly zone
*Retail like instance entering (every player should enter individually)
*Manastone failure rates config
*Fix Some pet Stat from retail info
*Automatic Announcement System
*[Skill engine] fixed dispel debuff physical and mental effects - should remove only debuffs (like Cure Mind, Splendor of Purification etc)
*Retail NpcSkills. Help skills collection. Application to the board.
*Added chatservice to handle registering player with chat server on entering world.
*Fix for not deleting broker items
*- New item mask system for broker, nearly all masks are working
- Another fix for not deleting broker items.
*Fix On Npc State/H in Sanctum, Added missing one
*Added custom config to disable chat server connection (by default)
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