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PostSubject: Update(2010-05-19)   Wed May 19, 2010 2:11 pm

*Npc skills
*Flying Reconnaissance Quest.
*When npc died from trap - drop will be available to player
*Fall damage + no ap from killing yourself patch
*Corrected spawn of altgard according to spawn from client. Corrected a few monster hunt quests in altgard
*New quests
1.The Wisein Disguise
2.Ceremony of the Wise
1.A Meeting with a Sage
2.ASages Teachings
1.Keeperof the Kaidan Key
2.Raiding Klaw
1.The Lost Axe
1.[Group] Capture Roah Fortress
2.[Group] Assault Roah Elites
3.[Group] Capture Krotan Refuge
4.[Group] Assault Krotan Elites
5.[Group] Capture Kysis Fortress
6.[Group] Assault Kysis Elites
7.[Group] Capture Miren Fortress
8.[Group] Assault Miren Elites
9.[Group] Decimate the Kysis Garrison
*Fix for SourceOfThePollution quest
*Added Left Wing Chamber instance and teleport for it
*Updated WorldMapType (added missing instances)
*Added Aetherogenetics Lab instance and teleport
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