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PostSubject: Update(2010-05-22)   Sat May 22, 2010 9:59 am

*Updated skill templates which had incorrect speed stat boost values (Celerity Mantra, Wind Servant Effect, Worg Transformation Effect, Movement Speed Increase, Karnif Transformation Effect)
*[Skill engine] Blind effect implemented (Blinding Burst, Blinding Light, Blindness)
*Fix for boost casting time bonuses, it was inverted
*Skills gives correct CASTING TIME. They were inverted duo to change in code.
*Refactoring and some optimizations in broker. Changed save strategy for broker operations (to immediate save). Corrected item tree type filtering (not work for stigma and craft design yet).
*Fixed Asteria Chamber instance and corrected some instance's portals
*Added Right Wing Chamber instance
*Soulbinding patch
- corrected sequence of equip during soulbinding, fixed soulbound item packet (should display "Soul Bound Item"). Client mod itemid prevention later.
- Improved equip required slots checking when inventory is full. As some parts of equipment was refactored - need retest all equip operations.
*Kisk implementation patch
*Fixed for update player appearance after soulbinding
*More npc skills
*New quests:
1.Securing the Supply Route
2.A Fertile Field
3.Thawing Kurngalfberg
4.The Shadows Command
5.Orders From Perento
6.The Hand Behind theIce Claw
7.Illegal Logging
8.Wheres Tutty
9.Speaking Balaur
10.Held Sacred
11.Krall Desecration
12.Stolen Village Seal
13.Gaphyrks Love
14.Village Seal Found
15.Crystal Recovery
16.Balaur Bones
17.Supplies for the Watch
18.Gaphyrk's Love handled
19.Village Seal Found handled
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